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Stainless Steel Safety Relief Valve is a safety mechanism deployed in applications to prevent them from bursting under pressure. Suraj Metal Corporationis a leading manufacturer and supplier of the different types such as the Brass Safety Valve and others in various sizes and dimensions. The valves are fitted with the pipelines in a way that when the pressure goes above the threshold level, the Stainless Steel Air Safety Valve opens up and relieves the system of pressure.

This is important to prevent the pipes from being damaged or bursting under high pressure. The Stainless Steel Safety Exhaust Ball Valve is used in the exhaust systems where the temperature plays major role. When the temperature exceeds certain point, it increases pressure and the safety valve opens and balances the pressure in the system. The spring loaded boiler safety valve is used in boilers and heat exchanger systems where steam and hot water are circulated through pipes. There are different gas safety valve types and each of these differ in their purpose and functions. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the different types of air compressor pressure relief valve and others with pricing.

Material Specification of Stainless Steel Safety Valve:

Size 25 mm to 200 mm
Pressure Rating 150#, 300#, 600#, PN 40
Design Standard Self Actuating, Full Lift, Spring Loaded.
Material Cast Iron, Cast Steel, SS 304 / 316, SS 304L / 316L, Gunmetal etc.
Standard API 526
End Connection Screwed, Flanged End Safety Relief Valves, Safety Relief Valves
Widely Used For Steam Boilers, Steam Services, Compressors, Receivers, Burners, Dryers and other Piping Systems and Many More.
Type Ordinary Lift Type, High Lift Type, Full Lift Type
Temperature Range -65˚F to 400˚F

Safety Valves Connections:

NAF nr Valve Flanges Counter Flanges for
Inlet Outlet Inlet Outlet
25/40 548645/46 EN1092- (PN40) EN1092- (PN16) DIN2635 (SS2035) DIN2633 (SS2033)
64/100 548845/46 EN1092- (PN100) EN1092- (PN16) DIN2637 (SS2037)) DIN2633 (SS2033)

Material Specification of Carbon Steel Safety Release Valves:

Item Part Material *
1 Spring adjust screw Steel St 8.8
2 Locknut A4
3 Spring washer A4
4 Spring Stainless steel SS 1774 / SS 2090
5 Spring Spring steel SS 1770
6 Lifting lever Nodular cast iron/steel
7 Yoke bonnet Stainless steel EN 1.4408
8 Stud A4
9 Hex. nut A4
10 Tension pin Spring steel SS1770
11 Gasket Graphite
12 Cover Surface-treated sheet steel
13 Stern EN1.4460
14 Lifting washer A4
15 Hex. nut A4
16 Disc Sealing surface EN1.4436 Machined
17 Valve body Valve seat Stainless steel EN 1.4408 Machined in the body
18 Lift limiter Stainless steel SS2343
19 Screw Stainless steel
20 Cap Surface-treated steel
21 Set screw A4
22 * BÃlg EN1.430

Dimensions Of Safety Relief Valves:


NAF No Pressure Class PN DN Inlet/Outlet d
D D A B Mass kg
548645/46 25/40 25 x 40 22 115 150 375 100 105 R 1/4â€
40 x 65 35 150 185 515 115 140 R 1/4†13
50 x 80 44 165 200 545 120 150 R 1/2†15
80 x 125 70 200 250 780 160 195 R 1/2†4
548845/46 64/100 25 x 40 22 140 150 405 100 105 R 1/4†1

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